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Our Recent Litters

November 2022

A Christmas miracle! Red was a great mama to her second litter of 8 puppies. This litter is sired by the champion - Banana of Labradors of Borador.

January 2021

Red's a mama! She did fantastic with her first litter of 8 pups sired by champion, Banana of Labrador of Borador. We are even keeping a little girl - Kodi Bear!

January 2020

Ringing in the new decade with Aley's 3rd and final litter. These 7 pups are true blessing! Sired by champion, Marcus of Royalty Labradors.

March 2018

Aley does it again! She had a beautiful litter of 7 yellow pups sired by Marcus of Royalty Labradors. We decided to keep a baby from this litter - Red. 

July 2017

Aley's first litter of 8 was unforgettable! On our way home from Canada, she had puppies in the truck! One was even born in Canada... we consider that one to have duel citizenship. Sired by champion, Marcus of Royalty Labradors.

October 2016

Sammi's third and final litter was a surprise of just two very large babies. Sired by Cooper, champion of Royalty Labradors. 

March 2016

Sammi's second litter of 10 very luckily arrived on St. Patrick's Day! Sired by Cooper of Royalty Labradors. We kept our very first Chocolate lab - Murphy.

November 2014

Sammi's first litter of 10, just in time for Christmas. She's a great mama. Sired by Cooper, champion of Royalty Labradors. We are keeping a yellow baby - Aley from this liter.

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