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Meet our Girls

Baker's Samuel Adams Winter Lager


Sammi is our oldest girl! She loves going to work with her daddy, never misses "cookie time" and spends her summers fishing for minnows in Lake Huron.

Baker's Murphy's Irish Stout


Born on St. Patrick's Day, Murphy is our chocolate good luck charm! She loves to chew her bones and to cuddle with her mommy.

Baker's Rolling Rock Pale Ale


Aley girl! Aley is the definition of a retriever and is frequently seen with a ball. She loves cheese and will always let you know when it's time to eat.

Baker's Alexander Keith's Red Amber Ale


Red dog aka Red dragon! When she's excited she moves her ears in a way that resembles a bearded-dragon! Red loves cuddles and belly pets.

Baker’s Kodiak Brown Ale


Kodi Bear! Our youngest girl who loves ice cookies, always has a toy in her mouth and is the first to greet you when you get home.

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